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*Note - PLEASE BE AWARE THE GAME IS EXTREMELY BUGGY, and cannot be modified further, due to a problem with unity and losing progress, a new chapter will be started soon, and I ask kindly that you donate the dollar, in order to show support for the project and Chapter 2, Thank you all for your continued support on the project and Chapter 2 will DEVELOPMENT will start today :D.  Think of this more as a Tech demo, showcasing what chapter 2 will be capable of being developed in Unity :D, Much more to come, and Thank you all!!! (PS Like I said I am aware of all the bugs and glitches, so no need to report them.) *

*Please make sure your computer can run at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 minimum or else you will not be able to see some of the text and Ui*

Mature Content Description:

All characters depicted are over the age of consent.

This gamer contains sexually suggestive content, expansion fetish, goblins.

Please be careful if you are not okay any of the above.


When an envious scientist had a virus accidently unleashed upon the world; women, and soon everyone, started to grow to grand proportions.

Luca, the man of fate has decided to go against just accepting all of the growth so he can spend a good breakfast with his family. Although he is not the bravest, nor the strongest, and potentially not the smartest; he is the hope we all have for our normal sized world once more. However; that was this morning.

After helping shop-keeper Vivi to obtain a drill; Luca has entered a mansion for some serene tranquility. Taking the first steps in, our hero Luca is beckoned to the first key of the puzzle, at the end of a long, strenuous, hall.


The cast includes everyone’s favorites:

Luca the protagonist.

Serene the ghost.

Gobi, the headfirst goblin.

And the wonderful backdrop of Vanessa, Vivi, and more Goblins!


Movement mechanics such as wall-jumping, sliding through enemies, punching.

Several possible endings based on how far you ran away from Ilane.

Secret endings.

Did we mention the goblins yet?


Play as Luca to obtain a magical artifact at the end of a mansion.

After encountering Ilane, run away or be smothered with invasive assets.

Struggle and fight your way out of desire with the will of self-preservation, or give up like most would to the urge of quick-comfort. The choice, is yours. 

StatusIn development
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorSoulstream Industries
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, ass, boobs, butt, expansion, fetish, giantess, inflation


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how many endings are there? I found 4: 2 wrong choices, 1 game over and winning. Is there anything else?

think that’s it

if anyone is having trouble with the .rar file then i recommend going to CloudConvert and changing the rar file to a zip file

it says to be continued and the game stops is it just me?


yeah, just gotta buy the Remix, and it continues the story :)

Is there popping or bursting involved at all with the inflation? I'm a can't have one without the other sort of person, and given there's money being asked, even if it's just a dollar... I had to ask.


No popping at all, theres a point where a woman has gas and it lifts her off the ground like a rocket, lmao, but no popping.

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For some reason I can't get it to run at all...

Can you post it as a zip file please?

Hello, does this Version have Sandbox? And what exactly can you do in sandbox if it has it?

I appreciate wanting to add platforming elements to this, but I have numerous problems with the additions. Sliding is extremely unreliable and frustrating to use- It's unclear what the game considers fast enough to be 'running', and there's an invisible cooldown keeping you from sliding after you get up from sliding, which can result in getting hit while mashing the S key to slide, or getting stuck between the ghost lady in the chase sequence and the ledge you have to slide under because you get let out of the grab animation only to not be able to move and immediately get grabbed again.

It's also buggy, because after getting the game-over where she catches you and restarting, when you load back in she's chasing you again even though you haven't picked up the item she's chasing you for.

I can see what you're going for, adding in platforming elements and enemies to fight instead of just making it a walking simulator with occasional expansion scenes, but the usage and placement of enemies is more annoying than anything and just kind of gets in the way of what everyone's actually here for- Especially with the janky controls and hitboxes, and ESPECIALLY when an enemy can just appear from nowhere and hit you. That's never satisfying.

The extraneous platforming elements show off what could be good (jumping from walls, for example) but the way this level is set up there's absolutely no reason for the player to engage with them. If they want to see the expansion scene when they get caught, they should just stand still; if they want to see what happens when they escape, they should just run to the right while mashing Z.

The text screen for failure also feels kind of... disappointing? The text progresses really slowly and takes up the whole screen due to the blocky font. If a player fails and just wants to try again, it's really annoying to have to sit through that whole thing just to retry.

Also, I'd argue that expansion should probably be a reward for playing well, not a 'reward' for failing the challenge the game's putting forward.

A lot of people probably won't care about these issues but I think it's possible to make a horny game and a good game at the same time!


Well thank you much for ur constructive criticism. But just to imply this was just a project I used to learn the unity engine a little and I figured people would rather have something then nothing. And I state in the description it is very buggy. This was moreso a tech demo for me to see what I COULD do in unity and what i was capable of Learning. It was a learning experience to say the least of it. But the reason why the bugs are all included is because before I could get to fixing them, with what I learned, I actually had a problem and lost all data to the game and source file. So I I only had the finished game and didn't have the file to edit it in the editor. You will be happy to know I did learn a lot with this experience, and I took on a whole 2d to 3d world going on in chapter 2. Mechanics will be tweaked to be more fun. But, as everyone here knows game development for someone who has never done it before and a single man team taking on a project is a task in itself. But I am learning everyday and trying my best of course to make things better as time goes on. But I AM very much aware of all the glitches and bugs, also annoyed MYSELF I lost all the data to fix them. Especially now that I do have the knowledge to fix them easily. I might just rebuild this level in the future but for now, it is for the archive! Gonna keep looking forward to the future and progessing!

will this be coming to mac as well?

Yeah im gonna set out to make it both.


The one thing I can say is you should post an update in the logs for the immediate previous version when you have a release. I am only just now learning that this came out lol. Was watching the other page daily since the "1.5 getting close" post. I don't know if you should for this given it's a tech demo sort of thing, but like when you hit version 2, you might post that it's released in the Ch1. and in this thread.

Ah I see. I'll def try to fix that@ sorry about the mixup!

It's fine, just letting you know since it's something I noticed! ^^ Great work so far BTW.

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Things I've noticed and my criticisms

- Escape ending: No key to reset (assumed to be the canonical given the first game)
- "I'll Help" choice: V key just resets to when you've made the choice. You can't redo it.
- No growth animations: As far as I can tell there's no visible expansion, which is disappointing given what we have so far. This was something I was looking forward to from the first game. I took time to let her catch me, this is my fault for taking it too much like a game.
- Controls: I feel like it would benefit the player to be able to use WSAD or the arrow keys as they desire. I'm here for the expansion, but I'll still treat it like a game too.
- One of the endings has its text go below the edge of the screen (I think it was the "I'll help" ending.). No scroll to help me and it didn't just create a new page instead.
- Spirit Lady's chat should be visible on screen. I'm curious as to what she's saying but I can't really have enough of her on screen to see some of them.
- There is not a menu to help us figure out how many endings there are.

Overall, I'm a little surprised you added the controls you did, but I'm not complaining. This still shows promise. I also think it would be ideal if you coded in what you could from the first chapter as part of this 1.5 version. Perhaps adjusting Mama's Breakfast so that she's already on the ground (and crushes you if she gets too big).

EDIT: Others as I've found them|

Using X on the dialogue box when it's time for a choice to be made will cause the game to soft lock if you hit the middle option.


Just read below to see reasons why the game is incomplete >.<

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And please just report bugs in the discord, not here >.< I know there are many but that was stated in the description! And there are reasons why I couldn't get to fix them. Next chapter will be a lot more cleaned up! My skill and understanding in unity is improving and so will game quality! 

Bought both games and happy to support you! No one else is making stuff like this.

This game is def visually impressive and a step up, but i will agree that the content is lacking. I hope that you continue doing what you did, I certainly have overplayed the first chapter.

Thanks again, will watch your progress eagerly :)

Thank you so much for ur support and I hope I continue to entertain you with these games :)

So, i'm really confused.

I played the first one, it was laggy but had some content, pretty straight forward.

This one ? i don't know... it feels like a demo, and even if i paid 1 €, i still feel robbed.

In the first one, there was some girls who grew way bigger or even indefinitely, while our ghost has like 4 growth spurts before black screen.

there is "several ending" possible based on how far you ran away (No differents "scenes" but plain, slow, text creeping up on the screen).

The screaming goblin might count towards 1 of thoses "secret endings" but then didn't found another one. (Description clearly says Secret Ending"S").

And with this much of content, you can't "V to restart" most of the time, and when it works, the boss is bugged, making a blue haze hovering near you constantly and making the gapple move. 

Platforms are just high enough to block you mid-air without not letting you jumping over them, which is really frustrating during the "pursuit" 

while we are at it, the pursuit is mashing your Punch button, while running towards the East side of the building. I tried to go to the top platform, nothing happened, got grappled and then got stuck in the platform, getting gangbanged by Goblins and Serene.

The first game had developpment platform issue, but had great potential. This one is the total opposite, Unity version is great but content is not even worth mentionning.

If dev wanted to make a showcase, it could have made this version a free demo, and worked more on it to make a proper 1.5 version with us exploring the manor across several rooms while encountering with several new characters, finally coming across Serene and then going back to the entrance, evading said new characters while being pursued with some parcour like the sister house in the first one.

What's make me sound like i'm fed up, it that the Expansion/Growth breast/Butt community is really small, as it's a niche fetish, and when someone comes with a good idea (like Evosoul with his first game), people will be have expectation of the sequel. I'm not particulary angry against anybody tho. 

I do hope the 2 chapter will have more content like in the first chapter.

I understand your concerns and they are noted. Firstly I state in the description the dollar is to show support for the game and do not download if you are looking for a whole game here. It is a showcase. To just show what potential can be. The problem was I had experienced a problem after almost fixing major bugs, that I lost all the data I had on the game and couldn't edit it further. So instead of scrapping it, you could either have this, or nothing. So I thought people would want to see this instead of nothing. And like I said. The dollar is to show you support the game. Not purchasing for the showcase. The 1.5 was more of a bonus and thank you for supporting towards chapter 2. Which I am continuing work on. The storyline will continue and with chapter 2 you will get more of what you liked from 1. I am a single man team, with a full time job and 2 children. So it is very tough to make things like this on my own. But I power through to try to make people like you happy.  So "robbed" over a dollar donation? I don't really know if that's the term to use.  Like I said I'd be happy to give you the dollar back. Because I'm not here to "rob" anyone.  I'm trying my best to give quality content to this niche. But like I said. I'm learning a while new engine now to make things better. And hope you can be patient. But thank you for your words and critique and it is still appreciated.

Does this include all of chapter 1 or is this just one section after chapter one?

no just the 1.5 chapter.


Definitely an improvement with the new engine, hope that the next chapter can work the kinks out of it. I'm sure you're aware of these issues, but I feel I should list the ones I found just to be sure.

First, resetting the level didn't actually reset the level it seems. On the death screens, hitting V just made the death screen replay, and after the chase scene, it just causes the ghost's blue orb form to chase you right away, even though you're back at the beginning.

Second, the wall clinging thing seemed more of a hindrance than something helpful most of the time, as you'd jump and get momentarily stuck on any vertical surface, and you only seem to be able to wall jump in the one vertical section of the map, so that's the only place you really need it.

Then there's the resolution issue with the text, which you've already made clear you're aware of so I won't go into that too much.

There was also this thing where it seemed bits of the intro text stayed on screen after it went away? Like there were little white dots left all over the upper part of the screen?

Last issue I had is mostly personal, but having the punch button be Z really made the chase scene hard to play. Having to hold down D, shift, and press Z to punch goblins as you run really made it harder than it needed to be. Honestly felt like the run speed should have just been the default speed, since the walking speed is painfully slow and the sprint speed isn't really that fast.

Anyway, those are all of my thoughts. I look forward to what you do going forward!

All understood and thank you for letting me know :) I am though well aware of the problems. And unfortunately I cannot fix them due with losing data on the scene with unity. But chapter 2 will be a lot more smooth going in. Since 1.5 was mostly a learning experience on the new engine and a way to test my new mechanics and hijinx, but chapter 2 will be a step forward. :) think of this more of a showcase of what can be :) 

Sounds good, just wanted to be sure those issues were known about. Looking forward to more!

Is there any way to reduce the screen resolution? It's not fitting to my monitor and goes WAY beyond the max size at full screen mode.

Unfortunately it's set for 1920 x1080 u need to set your resolution to that or higher in order to see.