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The SoulStream Expansive by LucaEvoSoul - Game Jolt 

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In a world with a scientist finding a way for females to advance in the world and genetically become superior to males... 

An accident occurs in the lab, and her research is unleashed...

It is up to little Luca to fend off the devastation that this certain virus causes, and maybe he is the last hope for men, lest us be smothered under them... 

Choices will be made...

Will you bow and let the women take over, and grow to massive proportions?

Will you befriend some?

Will you fight for your normal sized world again?

This coming in the world, of the Soulstream Expansive...


-Fight off the Evolving Virus and Baddies

-Choose to Submit, Struggle, Or Fight

-Interact with females all growing in different ways, by different means

-Befriend or Get on the wrong side of the females you will meet

-Explore a new world where men are the weaker and smaller, and shrinking in power by the minute.

-Choices with consequences...

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(80 total ratings)
AuthorSoulstream Industries
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, boobs, butt, expansion, fetish, inflation, Pixel Art, sexy
Average sessionA few minutes


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Discord Server link doesn't work... I tried searching for a fix but nothing worked or helped... Can I get a separate link possibly


I've been having trouble launching the game. It would go to a white screen then stay on a black screen.


I Really like the game, however i can't help but wish there was a way to skip certain minigames. For example I personally don't do well when pressured in a game via a time limit. In other words i can't get past the sister bit. I attempt to run and end up falling, and wall jumping when i didn't want to. Otherwise good game! I wish there were more AE games like this hence why i wish i could experience the rest of it.

Firstly i want to say that i love this game, its well made and the only issue is that its so short, not an issue with you, i just want more...so i played through it again :P

But i do have a question, you say i can submit struggle or fight, im guessing fight is the main way to play, and submit is a loss, but i dont know how struggling works, i mash v and see me moving but nothing happens, do i need to wait? Also how to i make different choices with the girls, it all seems the same to me, i want to make sure i see all the game has to offer :D


How do you unlock the sandbox? I completed the game but it wasn't unlocked.

The description says "OTHERS OF THE FETISH", does that mean there are other fetishes? Is there vore?

I guess just mostly in the realm of expansion/inflation/growth/giantess, etc

And vore is frequently paired with giantess, hence my question. Sounds like there isn't any though.

i downloaded the game but it wont run, it loads fully then just leaves a black screen

Let it load a while. The game was made on a poorly optimized game engine. (*cough, cough* Construct 3)


can't download the game

Link should be working now

Hey Is there something I need to do to play this, after purchasing it I already paid for and downloaded it is there something else after that?

Make sure you have winzip installed to unzip it.

will this game and The Soulstream EXPANSIVE (CHAPTER 1.5 be in steam one day or no

How do you enter the door blocked by the girl in the main menu/beginning? I'm curious to see what's behind it. 

i think that's part of the paid game

I did pay to download the game. Perhaps it's something to unlock in game or is it like an exclusive...? Does anyone know?

Never got finished in newer builds. Unfortunately >.<.

I see, well, it happens I guess. can't wait for the new games tho. Xb

it says its 3$ "to support development", does this mean it will be free when development is over?

Nah, gonna sti have to pay for it.


Absolutely loved the more gassy stuff!


I have problems with the performance of the game, it freezes a lot, what can I do?

Well if you play in browser. Its kinda bad no matter what, freezes? Like slow? When you start the game you need to wait a little while before it loads.

all, well honestly i dont have a good pc so... Perhaps its because of that?

Most likely, this game was my first endeavor into game dev, so it's poorly optimized, not like my newer stuff.

It says that tilda ` should open a level select screen? It doesn't seem to work for me? Is there a specific place you have to be to get it to work?

Yeah to be honest I think it might have to do with your type of keyboard input or something, cause pretty sure it's supposed to work!

I would get the paid version to play the rest of the game but my parents would fucking kill me if they found out I was into this stuff. Still a good game tho

Heh, gotta get that privacy!


What do you do after putting the card in with the sister? Just leave or what?


Just head on out and run away

I'm sorry If I'm rushing but how long will chapter 2 be done like on month of September.

Gonna be a while before that's done bud. But if you want updates I have a patreon and all that you can play the game much sooner with the early builds I come out with 

Okay sir thank you I will  do that.

i'm always stuck under the ass on the main title :

The game is poorly optimized for older systems, even just slightly old, just wait a little and it should load. Sorry about that!

Unique and quite good. I am very excited to see further development of this series. 

:) thanks for ur kind words

The game won't launch, I press launch and it does it's initial loading and then stays on a black screen and crashes after a minute, any help?

what os are you using? 

64 bit Windows 10

(1 edit)

I just want to play the game, I tried the demo a while ago and I really want to be able to play the full thing

Join up with the discord! We might be able to help you there. Many people work together and help each other there.


Do you plan to add pregnancy in the game, or is it just expansion?

No plans for that, sorry broski

Thank you, for replying.

The game just straight up doesn't run, I open the app and it stays on a black screen

The game was written and coded in an engine that can barely run it. It takes about 5~10 minutes to assemble the scripts and images. Leave the black screen open for a bit.

That's why in 1.5 going forward well be moving to unity my friends

May we please have an update on how the new engine is coming along please?

Check the discord!


Big buttttta



The game is good, I put 3 points out of 10. And if it is serious, then the game is really good, but as in all games there are some shortcomings (perhaps these shortcomings are related to the Internet or to the computer), for example, some replicas are printed for a very long time, or or throwing bottles is re-cut for a very long time . But I understand that editing or creating a game is a very painstaking task, so this is just a warning about errors that, again, are related to my computer. And one question, when will the update be approximately? Thank you in advance for your reply

Is this game has any sex/femdom content involve in the future? 

Nah sorry bro, no ideas for that, its based to a very softcore fetish niche.

Fair enough.

in the itch browser new update (20 hours ago before this comment) when you press v to play and ??? falls i get stuck and the intro doesn't play

You need to wait a while. Construct 3 is very poorly optimized with this sort of thing. The amount of game is too much for the engine. Next chapter will be made in unity. And be much more optimized.

Will chapter one ever come to unity?

maybe when the story is complete. But it's a while off. I'm working on learning unity as of now and might take a month or two with it then start releasing some things. 

I havent herd anyone talk about it yet, but on the itch browser version of this the game freezes on a black screen after the first level

I'll look into it when I can, thanks for letting me know!


Love how the new stage actually had some choices to it. Was a nice addition.

more to come!

(2 edits) (+1)

I played the demo, really fun to play 10/10 

thanks for the love! Appreciate it!

hey i noticed an issue with the lilianna stage, i can't seem to make the jump needed to reach the other side, you may need to fix that in the next version

hold shift to sprint

ya i found that out after i had posted the comment, still the game's pretty good

hey a major question, what will be the major endings of the game? i want to know how the game will progress so that way i can get the best ending for my run of the game, along with this is there plans for a way to get an endign where lucas gains control over the expanded girls?

Dunno about that control ending, but there will be multiple endings in the last chapter. Chapter 1 is almost fully complete. The game will be split into chapters as the game grows. There's going to be more added as time goes on! You'll get a choice at the endings to each chapter to change the outcome.

I love the desigh(i played the free version of course  isnt the most actuall version XD) of the game but i wished be able to have choice to  break the doors on the begining of the gameand go back to see the others zones before that he had passed freely but i know  is still on progress so i will wait to see how this game gonna be in the end.

I hope to see this incredible game future updtes( i  have already seing the updated version on the youtube and look amazing) and keep  doing a great a work on this game:)

thanks man! Appreciate the love for it! Yeah the game will be more open ended and you'll be able to in future! That's for sure!

I would  suggest an idea for this game, but I don't really use discord anymore, so I guess I missed my chance. Unless you want to hear it, which I don't know if you want to.

Finished trying the update. Love the redesigns, love the scene with the giant bug lady, nice animation there, love how huge Vanessa gets in that last scene.

A few notes. One, found another glitch with a missing wall in that last scene. If you turn back immediately after reaching Vanessa, you fall through the floor again. Also, if you hit the elevator button again after it reaches the top, it starts rising endlessly into the sky. Also, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do in the last Vanessa scene. I go up, I give her the stone, and then I can't figure out what to do from there. You can't get down without dying (the fall leading to the same bad end screen as her ascension), and I can't figure out a way to help her as hitting V just makes her repeat her dialogue. So, at the moment, it seems it's just stuck as an unavoidable bad end.

On a different, minor note, I sort of wish there was a way to know if I've found all the easter eggs / bad ends, because I'm constantly feeling like I've missed something but am not sure why.

All that aside, very well done, looking forward to more.

All fixed in version 0.7.2!

also feel free to join the discord for direct line to me, and next update will have the wall fix and dialog repeat will be fixed but for now since game is still being developed that IS the end of game for now, I’ll have to put a note in the game over screen for now.

Appreciate the offer, but it appears to have too many people in it for my taste. Big Discord servers give me anxiety.

no worries, well thank you anyway for the support! 


well damn looks like i cant afford the game now

So once I download it, how am I supposed to run it? When I clicked on it, it just opened my files to the game itself. Either way its still a lot of fun.

There should be a file in there (.jw), run the one with that file extention and u should be good. Blackish icon. If your on windows.

if we buy it are we able to get future updates without havin to pay again or do we pay for every new update

you get updates once you buy. 

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