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In a world with a scientist finding a way for females to advance in the world and genetically become superior to males...

An accident occurs in the lab, and her research is unleashed...

It is up to little Luca to fend off the devastation that this certain virus causes, and maybe he is the last hope for men, lest us be smothered under them...

Choices will be made...

Will you bow and let the women take over, and grow to massive proportions?

Will you befriend some?

Will you fight for your normal sized world again?

This coming in the world, of the Soulstream Expansive...

-Over 3 Hours of Gameplay! And a buttload of Expansion/Inflation content! (Compared to Mama Luna's Butt, thats MASSIVE!)

-Fight off the Evolving Virus and Baddies

-Choose to Submit, Struggle, Or Fight

-Interact with females all growing in different ways, by different means

-Befriend or Get on the wrong side of the females you will meet

-Explore a new world where men are the weaker and smaller, and shrinking in power by the minute.

-Choices with consequences...

(This game has fetishes of Inflation/ Expansion/ Growth/ Giantess/ Gas/ Smothering/ Smooshing/ Crushing and more! If you don't like any of these, this is NOT the game for you :p )

The Soulstream Expansive 2 (RPG) in development builds, will be available on my patreon! If you'd like to play a lot more content please join my patreon! Subbing to the patreon gets you updates on every game by the minute they release, with all new areas, girls, and minigames!

This game is in EARLY ACCESS! More will be added with time!


Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorSoulstream Industries
Tags2D, Animation, Anime, ass, boobs, expansion, fetish, inflation, Pixel Art


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i have one problem with the game is it possible for you to add v-sync to the game because screen tearing seems to be a problem.


Thank you for putting your soul and humanhours into creating this masterwork.

SoulstreamProd, GrwothRPG, Momulator, eh.... vacuuum

We are back


Thumbs up to that bud.


Wrong, thumbs up to You! Thank you for Creating into this particular niche, many of them actually. Appreciate you. 

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wonder if its possible to do like a mod or new game plus thing that would allow u to be female, I know in the first/this game it was a skin but just thought it would be fun to play around as a female and maybe get the effects, just a thought

There already is, in the discord just ask and well tell you how :D

Deleted 26 days ago

I know there’s a skin cosmetic in it but I thought it wasn’t much more than that just same game just different ish look, don’t think u can give urself the expansion affects like the other females would be getting if u was using the skin

I know I have said a lot already but where on this discord would I say this? in game help? i also dont want to look like a dumbass lmao

Deleted 26 days ago

I’m sorry I misread your first message , currently it’s only a skin >.<

it’s alright, maybe in the future u could make a female spin off if u really wanted, i was just among a simple thought, have a great day 

this is more of a troubleshoot question but at the boombox battle with the darkness lady how do I get past them? All I can do is shoot the box 

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Hi ! Your games are all really very great ! Too sad that there are so few similar games on the Internet, but good for you i guess. This game is completed or it is in development ? Have you an idea of the release date of Soulstream Expansive 2 (RPG), or of this game if he is not completed ?

Its mostly completed, im actually uploading a demo for Soulstream 2 today :D, If i can get the code back im gonna try to improve some things on this game, but the my focus is on the new game :D

sorry about the delayed responce too >.<

Oki, no problem ! Continue, you are doing a great job !

hey! just played your game and's it's pretty good!

Thanks! Hope u enjoy it! Might be moving from unity to unreal engine, so might be some chnges for the next

how do i enter the hidden code

gotta beat the game

hey how do i get past lili, i broke the lock things but i still lose what am i supposed to do?

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go back to the bottom door and press e to leave

how do i get out of full screen

alt and shift i believe


It did not work

im having trouble on the first time meeting Lili. what am i supposed to do?

break all the things on the walls by punching them, then leave at the bottom exit

i just bought it but how do I download

you should have got the file right when you clicked the buy now button

yep i got it didnt know how to open it but now I'm fine

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for some reason in the final battle the boss doesn't have any growth sound effects. idk if it's just broken for me or if it's a bug.

was shocked to see how much you have advanced. amazing stuff. hope you keep up the cool work. your rad.


it's always an honor to hear things like that :), been working hard on learning new things, that's why I can't wait to get some work done on soulstream 2! Hopefully I keep shocking you in showing you bigger and better things. In more ways then one.  Bigger ladies inbound!

there's like a full conversation and discord noises that play on loop when you're in vivi's lab

lol, oki ill check it

Fixed and reuploaded

do we have any set dates of when to look for the next update?

Next update should be incoming by this Sunday if I get time to get it posted. Things have just been a little slower because I am studying hard for a promotional exam at my job. And that is taking priority right now.

how do I update the game when it’s ready?

just come here and re download

if i buy the game on itch.io , will i get all of the futere update?

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yes sir, just updates for this game. Not access to other games I make. 

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How do I adjust the music volume? In the main menu, it just says "[AND]". Other than this and not being able to see expansion for the convenience store cashier this is a great game.

The store cashier just hasn't had the animations coded in yet, i actually do have this implemented into the next update, the growths will be there. I have them animated and coded. They just weren't added in the version available as of now. And the [ and ] are the bracket keys on the keyboard. And thank you, glad u liked.

I can't figure the secret code at the end of the game???

"PLAYASTHEGIRL" :D *will get you access to luccia skin*

Figured it out the great game though, my favorite scene was. With the boombox battle, i wish that hitting the purple darkness could make the music get stronger to make the fight bit more even. Can't wait for the continuation of the finale battle, I try to get to the finale again without growing anyone. Want to see what will happen.

How do you open the demo? Never opened files like these before.

If its .rar, just download winrar. A free program to unzip the files. If its .zip, download winzip.


Thx. always wanted to try a sussy game in secret. good luck on the games you make :)

I got to the memories, and I am just a little bit disappointed that you don't get to read the after-text of bad ends, primarily the bad ends on the demoness in the elevator

Ill keep it in mind as one of the updates maybe.

were you planning to add the new luna minigame and second rhynoa event to memories?

Yeah eventually all encounters will be there.

I just finished the story mode and if I could make any request it would be to add gurgles to the areas with gas, to hear them actually building up rather than just being told it would really add to the experience(also farts along with burps for Shelly just for added effect)

Damn broski, umm... dunno if thats priority right now. Working on two other games right now, and updatng this one with things moreso. I can put it on the list to be requested!


I have a question about paying for the game.

My normal bank card can't do USD transactions, because I'm form the EU, and I would really like to buy the game. Is there another possible way that i can pay the game in euros or do I really have to get a creditcard?(btw love ur games)

Message me on the discord, i can get u possibly a link to the game, payong from paypal or something.

I hate to sound impatient, but we're about halfway past the two weeks point, I'm getting confused

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The game is updated :) Sorry, just got a new job so its been a little chaotic

I have been having issues running even the demo, loved the original demo and been trying to see the new demo, but I can't run, which makes it hard to shell out the cash. Any ways I can get help on this? It keeps crashing as soon as I press E on the main menu.


Hmm... id need a bit more of the details.

Is there any update on when we should expect 1.0?

Update is now up!

Been playing the new remix version of the game and so far it's been fun! The controls are smooth, the animation and sound are well done, overall very well put together. Just a very minor nitpick (SPOILERS!!!)

When you interact with the shark woman, after plugging her up, there's no additional dialogue. I really enjoyed her attitude and dialogue, both in the original version and in this one; in the original 2D version, she had more dialogue as she was swelling up and afterward. It would be great if she had dialogue while swelling and afterward in the remix as well! 

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Yes! That is definitely something i plan to add, just havent got around to it! Will be implemented very soon! Thanks for actually reminding me! And for the compliments! I also have a plan as well to add a little game over for her when she falls and if she lands on you, and a little interaction for her in the mall, so she'll get some love soon! 


Glad to hear it. Heh, it would be fun to be able to play around with her some more (maybe pump her up with gas again, make friends with her, encourage her to keep bloating herself...) 

The one little nitpick I've had consistently is that there needs to be an option for volume adjustment
I'm mostly confident it's going to be in the full game, but I just wanna make sure


Yes sir, volume control for the music is implimented and all good for the 1.0 version.

How do you get into the hospital level?


If you have 0.9.8, it should be right after the manor level, where the gob gob knocks u out. Insead of waking up in the grass, youll wake in the hospital :)


I realized that about 5 minutes after posting lol. Got a bit too excited.


Haha no worries! Glad ur excited enough for it!

Another bug i found is that when i'm in a level where is dialogue, the charachter pictures are on the bottom of the screen and popping out of there. It wouldn't be such a problem, but if at one level there are more than one pics loaded, they are covering the screen whenever there's a dialogue. It wasn't present in the 0.8.5 version. These are appearing in the Serena's lab especially, but also in the mall when i speak with Trista and in the forest...


Oh! And yes, that was already addressed and fixed in i believe 0.9.9 or 1.0 which will be 0.9.9 will be releasing here and 1.0 releasing to patreons on tues. Sorry im one guy making this whole game, so some things i fix and other things kinda sometimes break. Thats the problem with code. Never ending. But yes, it has been addressed already and fixed in newer builds.

The latest version has a bug when i exit the elevator (to visit Luca's mom in the office) The game show's Luca's mom but the camera is stuck. So i hear that i move and do things in the office but i can't see anything other than Luca's mom's huge butt xD. Its the 0.9.5 versio btw idk why its happening, i tryed spamming R nothing solved it.


Ok so heres the fix for now, when the scene loads, just hold left, for like 2 seconds and then press e, then keep holding left, when you hear the door open, the camera should then reset, the problem was the camera was left in the office part with mama when i made the new scene, and i forgot to revert it in the code, so you still control Luca like when ur in that closet in the other versions right after you get out of the elevator shaft, just the camera is not focused on him yet. It'll Def be fixed next version. 0.9.8 should be releasing on tues/wed.


Thank you much respect!

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Hey, im just having trouble with the newest edition of soul stream. Im trying to get past the bully and I need to find Luca's friend. Where do I go to do this? (the cork isn't in the store for some reason?)


I think someone helped you on the discord right?

Im not in the discord

When you encounter the bully, you need to leave town. Head towards the east.

Im a bit stuck, what do you need to do in order to defeat the shark lady?


Check the store and go inside to the right of her, then grab the "cork" item floating in the back left corner of the store :)

gonna be quite the "gassy" back up in her :p

Is it going to be available for mac?


I’m going to look into it, for some reason unity doesn’t build it right when I go to process the build, but I will definitely research further into it!